A banksman truck is a specialised industrial vehicle used to assist in guiding and directing the movement of larger, heavier vehicles, such as trucks, cranes, or heavy machinery, within a construction site or industrial setting. The banksman truck is equipped with a trained operator, commonly referred to as a banksman, who communicates with the drivers of the larger vehicles to ensure safe and precise manoeuvring.

The primary function of a banksman truck is to enhance safety and coordination at worksites. The banksman, positioned in the banksman truck, uses hand signals, radios, or other communication methods to guide the operators of larger equipment, especially when their line of sight is limited. By providing clear and accurate instructions, the banksman helps prevent accidents, collisions, or incidents while optimizing the movement of machinery and vehicles within a confined area.

Banksman trucks are a critical component of safety protocols in construction, industrial, and logistical operations. They contribute to a well-organized and secure work environment, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring that heavy equipment is precisely positioned for various tasks, such as loading, unloading, or assembly.

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